The Password to Heaven

A righteous Christian man died, went to heaven, and stood before St Peter.
“Welcome,” Peter says, seated before The Book. “We knew you’d be coming, after all your years in church. It says here you tithed, served on your church Board, and even read your Bible all the way through. So just give me the password and you’re in.”
“Password”? the man bursts out, surprised.
“Well, yes,” Peter says. “It says right here you’ve been a righteous man all your life, so of course you know it.”
The man ponders for a minute. It must be something from the Bible! he thinks–then offers, “For thine is the kingdom!”?
“Very close!” Peter says. “But that’s not it.”
The man thinks some more. “The Lord is my shepherd!”?
“Close again,” Peter says, turning to close The Book. “But that’s not it. I guess we made a mistake. You obviously aren’t the same guy in my Book here: the righteous, bible-reading church man.”
“Wait–that’s me alright,” the man manages, baffled and stalling. Turning away, he shakes his head in frustration. It could be anything in the Bible, he thinks. Maybe from some Christian book or wherever. There’s no way I’m going to come up with the password to heaven! Finally, he sighs helplessly and looks back at Peter in dismay.
“I give up,” he says.
“Come on in, brother!” Peter exclaims with a smile, and turns to open the gate.
(I heard this story years ago from a friend and unfortunately, can’t cite its origin.)
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