In my ministry, I want men to experience the healing and freedom when you get real with yourself, with God, and with other men. That’s how we discover not only Whose we are, but the manhood we’re created for and the power to walk it out.

- Gordon Dalbey

A Biblical Thanksgiving:
From Civil Etiquette to Sacred Memory
     The Pilgrim model on which we base our Thanksgiving celebration was itself based on a far earlier pilgrim people who left a land of religious persecution (like England), crossed a vast wilderness (as the Atlantic Ocean), and settled in a land of promise (like North America). These were our Hebrew ancestors in faith.
     Our guide to celebrating Thanksgiving today can therefore be found in Godís directions to those early Hebrews as recorded in Deuteronomy 26:1-11. Central to this ancient ceremony and feast was a time to tell the story of how God acted in their past to save them, even for today. Can you tell His-story around your turkey feast this year?
"With Power and the Holy Spirit"
Part 1: Healing Emotional Wounds
     Don't let your past hurts define you. Let Jesus show you His perspective and the truth will set you free. Healing stories of an insecure woman longing for Dad to bless her femininity, a self-destructive son whose alcoholic father shamed him, a manís fear of women from being almost aborted.
Part 2: Physical Healing
Part 3: An Introduction to Spiritual Warfare: Facing the Reality of Evil
You are about to enter the spirit realm. Powers you will engage after this point are beyond your ability to control.

Thereís more to sex than mere skin on skin. Sex is as much spiritual mystery as physical fact.
( 1 Corinth. 6:16,17TMB)

The powerful mystery of sexual desire marks it as a spiritual phenomenon. Yet talk of sexuality has largely been banned from churches, leaving a vacuum which the world is literally hell-bent to fill.

"Sex is dirty and immoral," as most of us were basically confused to hear growing up, "so save it for marriage and the one you love most!" But if God created sex as a reflection of His very image in male and female together (Gen. 1:27), it must be good.

It's not that we lack the discipline to repress our sexual desire, but rather, the faith to embrace it as God intends.

And so Western religion has reduced sexuality to manageable morality, divorcing it from spirituality and enforcing compliance with shame. Ultimately, however, we acknowledge the spiritual essence of sexuality by worshippingóthat is, attributing vitality and saving power to--the celebrity hunk or sex goddess who can conjure the most powerful spirit of lust.

Includes "Was It Good for You (Too)? Sexual Bonding and a Womanís Heart" by Mary Andrews-Dalbey, PhD

Hereís a reality-based view of sex, free from either judgmental religion or care-less tolerance. Itís not about "what you can do to improve your sex life," but rather, what God is doing to accomplish His purposes in men and women today, and how He provides what you need to join Him.


  • Thereís no such thing as a sexual need. Nobody ever died from lack of sex.
  • Sexual desire is a holy nostalgia, calling us back to Eden.
  • The human body is the temple of the Spirit; the womanís womb is the Holy of Holies.
  • Sexual morality is about what we donít do; sexual fulfillment is about what God does.
  • Insofar as the woman bears grace, religion bears a woman-hating spirit.
  • Couples argue to determine Whoís right? The real question is, Whatís God trying to teach us?
  • Femininity blossoms amid security; masculinity arises amid insecurity.


  • Introduction: Embracing the Mystery
  1. Sexual Rabbit Trails: The Season of Return
  2. Holy Nostalgia: Sexual Desire as Homesickness
  3. Desire and Destiny: Suitable Companions
  4. Naked but not Ashamed: Learning to Trust
  5. Anatomy of a Blush: The Genesis of Modesty
  6. The Modest Male: Men and Boundaries
  7. Miniskirts and Sunday Morning: Balancing Grace and Truth
  8. Cover up your DaughteróFor My Sonís Sake!
  9. No Yellow Elephants: Controlling Uncontrollable Desire
  10. What God Has Joined Together: Spiritual Consequences of Sexual Union
  11. Was It Good for You (Too)? Sexual Bonding and a Womanís Heart (Mary Dalbey)
  12. Tasteful Gifts Only: Bachelor Party Redeemed
  13. Pedophilia: The Lust for Innocence
  14. Homosexuality and History: A Perfect Storm
  15. "Search My Wifeís Heart, O God": Never Waste a Good Fight
  16. Sexuality and Religion: A Marriage Made in Hell
  17. Sexuality and Spirituality: A Marriage Made in Heaven
NEW by Mary Dalbey
The REST of Your Life:
Finding God's Rest in a Driven, Demanding, Distressful World

"True rest comes not from your doing less, but from trusting God to do more. It's not about what you don't do, but about what God does."

10-week group interaction/study workbook (more)

Recent Teaching Appearances

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Conferences & Retreats

Not long ago,

I polled a conference of 150 men with this question, "When you were growing up, did your father talk to you helpfully about girls and sexuality?" Only 2 men raised their hands.

At another conference of 350 fathers, I asked, "When you became a dad for the first time, did your own father come alongside you with some help, encouragement, support, or advice - maybe call you up, come visit you, or write you a letter?" Only five hands.

If you’re wondering why men’s sexuality is out of control and why men feel inadequate as fathers, here’s where we start. Not to judge or curse your father, but to face your wound as every generation must, including your son’s. Then, to go to Jesus for healing and see Dad as God sees him, to forgive and honor him. Then, at last, to go to Father God to get what no human father can give, and become the man you’re called to be.

See Gordonís "Sons of the Father" weekend menís conference/retreat


John Eldredge

“A number of years ago, at a point in my own journey when I felt more lost than ever, I heard a talk given by Gordon Dalbey, who had just written Healing the Masculine Soul. He raised the idea that despite a man’s past and the failures of his own father to initiate him, God could take him on that journey to provide what was missing. A hope arose within me.” (John Eldredge, Wild at Heart, p. 102.)

Bill Gaither

“We have had Gordon at our annual Praise Gathering in Indianapolis several times, and he is always on target. He’s very sound intellectually and doctrinally. I would recommend him highly.” (Bill Gaither, songwriter/singer/producer)

Rev. Alan Wright

"In a word, the weekend has changed our congregation. I don't think those men, their families, or our church will ever be the same. Your leadership was sensitive to the Spirit, humble but persuasive, dynamic but Christ-Centered." (Rev. Alan Wright, author, pastor Reynolda Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem, NC)

Brian Doerksen

"Gordon Dalbey's teaching on manhood has touched me deeper than any other. Listening to Gordon teaching at a men's retreat was like constant 'explosions of revelation'--'I'm not alone in that struggle!'...'There's really hope for change!'...'so that's why God designed things that way!' " (Brian Doerksen, Canadian songwriter/producer)